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Snow Stars (Ages 5 -11)

The Snows Stars program is an introductory learn to ski program for children ages 5 thru 11. Participants are placed in a small group with other children of the same age/skill level, and experience. The Snow Stars program focuses on developing essential skills, basic abilities and on-hill etiquette. Instruction and coaching is provided by qualified, enthusiastic and patient instructors, all of whom are products of the Snow Stars program themselves. Games, fun activities and structured instruction are all components of the Snow Stars curriculum. A continuous grading system and on-hill evaluation is utilized. There is no prerequisite to joining the Snow Stars program. The emphasis is on fun, more than competition, and a team attitude is fostered at all times.

Highlights of the season include ski festivals and a wind up day. QVSC offers the Snow Stars program every Saturday. The conclusion of the season involves a family oriented wind up, and award presentations. Skiers are presented with certificates of completion, and are awarded stickers detailing their progress over the season. In addition to the fun factor, children, (and their parents) meet and make many new friends. Snow Stars is a nationally recognized program with standards and protocol of its own and is a fun and safe way for children to become familiar and comfortable with the wonderful world of skiing. Helmets are mandatory equipment at all times.

A membership in the QVSC is necessary for Snow Star registration. Your membership entitles you to actively participate in all club activities such as races and socials; ski swaps; insurance for all family members; and guaranteed access to qualified and properly trained coaches and volunteers.

Snow Stars fees provide you 3 to 3.5 hours of skiing on Saturday mornings. Your fees will include the use of the club equipment such as ski aids, A/V equipment and racing gates, paid registration for races, (including lift passes if at an away event), and coaching at all Snow Stars events, regardless of location.

Other fees not associated with club activities will be lift passes for each day your athlete is in lessons, and ski rentals if your child does not own his/her own equipment. Please see missionridge winter park for lift prices and rentals or contact Sunshine and Ski in Regina for details on rentals. It is strongly advised that you purchase a season's pass and personal equipment for your child. Also, a helmet is required during all on-hill activities

Registration Fee - $300 for first child in family/ $275 for second and subsequent children in your immediate family

Club Membership (per family) - $75

Fundraising Fee - $100 per child (for first two children)

Development (Age 10+)

The QVSC Development program will be for athletes who are 10 years of age or older. They train on Saturdays (10 am - 1pm) and Friday Nights (6pm - 9pm).  This program is designed to teach the fundamentals of ski racing. The fees for this group will cover the cost of one race with the option to attend more.  The racer will be responsible for the extra costs associated with the extra races.  Races are optional.

Registration Cost - $425

Club Membership (per family)- $75

Fundraising Fee - $100 per child (for first two children)